Scarlett Gomez Galvan

I always loved makeup and really enjoyed doing other people’s makeup as a hobby.

I learned about Microblading Eyebrows and I couldn’t wait to get them done myself. When I finally did get my eyebrows Microbladed, I loved the results and the whole process intrigued me. It inspired me to get training and certification by the most prestigious academy Phi brows, I became a certified microblading artist and shading artist.

I absolutely love and enjoy transforming people’s eyebrows and seeing their reactions to the results. I am a perfectionist and strive to give every single person, a more symmetrical, full and beautiful eyebrows, so giving everybody my time and detailed attention to perfect every session. Only the best for my customers.

I look forward to working on many more and enhancing their beauty through Microblading and Shading procedures.

Currently I am expanding my services and offer tattoo removal, pretty soon i will also be offering philings currently in training.

I am honored that my clients choose me to enhance their beauty with my services and i look forward to working with you.

Best Regards, Scarlett Gomez Galvan
Phi Brows Artist